Steve Maylone

Steve Maylone Architectural Photography

About the Photographer

Steve Maylone works on assignments across the country, photographing his clients most celebrated structures. A professional photographer of architecture for more than 30 years, Steve is far from jaded. He remains fascinated by the discipline's art, science, buildings, and people — and energized by its challenges. He combines respect for photographic fundamentals with a "roll-up-the-sleeves" work ethic and an embrace of the latest technology. He sees rich possibilities in every subject, juxtaposing architectural and natural forms and layering the effects of perspective, distance, and light to create rich compositions that are signature Maylone. But rest assured: though Steve's techniques can get complicated, working with him is easy. He is a consummate pro who does all the heavy lifting — with pretty fantastic results: quality photographs that clients use to augment their marketing materials, secure substantial new commissions, win awards, and boost their professional image.