Rick Souders

Souders Studios

About the Photographer

John Wood

Rick Souders, owner of Souders Studios, has been shooting food and drinks for some of the world’s most well-known brands. Rick is an honors graduate of the Art Center College of Design and has been a part of many award-winning ads, campaigns and cookbooks. Rick is truly known for the artful nature in which he captures food and beverage and that in-your-face taste appeal. Using light, color and texture as his palette, he creates amazing edible imagery. He is known as the “Mile High Food and Beverage Guy.”  Souders Studios is based at the edge of the Rockies in Golden, Colorado. The Souders Studios facilities include a commercial kitchen, two studios, five client lounges, three prop storage areas and is super client friendly. Souders Studios has helped transform many food and beverage brands into visual icons. Square Pixels is its award-winning retouching and digital compositing studio. Visit the website, email Rick directly, or call 303-384-3128 for more information.