Paul Gomez

About the Photographer

Paul Gomez is the owner & commercial photographer at Gray Box Studios, works with large global clients and small local startups alike, photographing apparel, beauty, tech, culinary, beer, outdoor gear and much more. He excels at creating stunning imagery using artificial light in the studio but is also comfortable shooting on location and incorporating natural light when necessary. He loves the wide range of projects he works on and enjoys the fact that “each project presents new challenges which inspire me to learn and try new things every time I shoot.” Paul is a Colorado native whose love for photography came relatively late in life. His enthusiasm for photographing automobiles and motorcycles led him to Brooks Institute where he earned a degree in Professional Photography with an emphasis in Commercial Photography. After graduating with a BA, he started Gray Box Studios with fellow Brooks Alum Jon Hsu, specializing in product, eCommerce, food/beverage and architecture photography.