Michael Matsil

Michael Matsil Photography

  • Member Since: 2011
  • Address: PO Box 7 Tesuque NM 87574-0007 USA
  • Phone: 202-262-4802
  • Website: http://www.michaelmatsil.com
  • Email: michael@michaelmatsil.com
  • Specialties: Portraiture, Architecture & Commercial Interiors, Landscape
  • Areas: Denver-Boulder-Greeley, CO; Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County, CA

About the Photographer

For over 25 years, I have been a commercial photographer who is concerned with where I am. The “where” in life interests me profoundly. Place is a reflection of our common humanity. We shape it and in turn it shapes our thoughts, outlook and motivation. In my world, the photography of Place encompasses all photography. My interpretive process begins by gathering within the camera frame the specific nature of color, materiality and atmosphere. It culminates in an uncluttered scene that communicates a sense of clarity around the nature of person, place and context. It's “truth made visible”. That's what I offer my clients: honesty, clarity and meaning.