Michael Blase

E Glyph

About the Photographer

I create photographs of constructed realities for performers, directors, designers and event organizers. Instead of relying heavily on CGI, I build sets or set pieces for the models, actors or performers in my studio in Downtown New York. Unless the client wants the impossible, at least in terms of budget, I avoid using CGI. The actors/models have nothing to relate to and it just becomes too cartoony for my tastes. Even for the zombies coming out of the manhole I built 12’ of street, carved a replica manhole cover, and put the actors in the waist deep hole. Locations take a lot of planning. I see them more like canvases onto which I’m going to place actors and light. Location shots are challenging in that in order to minimize the amount of schlepping I try to plan out everything I need, down to the last pony clamp in advance. For me, pictures are stories that you want to know more about. I want them to haunt you like a dream.