Kipp Baker

Pixure NewMedia

About the Photographer

Working solo, Pixure NewMedia founder Kipp Baker has been making serious photographs for himself and for others since the 1970s. With a BFA from Texas Christian University (TCU) in Visual Arts, he’s been making a success of it - for his clients - since he won a Gold Medal at the New York Film Festival in 1979. There have been many successes and awards since. His body of work which involves both still and motion photography as language developed from the sophisticated and aware use of the camera. In virtually any film or digital format, his photographic sense of syntax calls for a response from the viewer. "Pixuring" everything from the visual joke to profound narratives to poems in pixels, whatever the subject, he produces gritty photo-journalistic authenticity or photoshopped perfection and brings a valued story to the viewer - and the marketplace.