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Kenneth Wajda Portrait & Editorial Photographer

My favorite photographs to make, the ones that keep me up at night excitedly thinking about how I’ll create them, are portraits of people—to be able to create an image that tells their story, captures their light as we get a glimpse into their world. To catch the spark in their eye, or a gesture that says a little bit about them. My goal is to create an iconic portrait of everyone I photograph. I shoot environmental portraits on location and formal portraits in studio—both are a different way of working that can be equally challenging, and I love to take that challenge on. For some assignments, I even shoot film, 35mm, 120 and up to 4x5 and 8x10. Whether for a magazine feature or news article, an advertisement or an annual report, it’s imperative that their portrait captures something truthful about them. In fact, the best compliment I get is that my work looks real, and not like stock photos or current trends. Please visit or call 720.982.9237. Thank you!