Judy Doherty

About the Photographer

I am a San Francisco Bay Area-based chef and food photographer, whose career with food spans three decades. I trained at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, and the Richemont Fachschule in Luzern, Switzerland. My approach to food photography is meticulous because of my knowledge and relationship with ingredients, cooking processes, recipe development, and flavor pairings. I always focus on "appetizing" and "enticing" for food and anything I shoot. A lean approach to creative design is one of my strengths. My experience as a chef, stylist, and photographer has received many awards including APA Top 100, ACF Gold Medal, and a juried exhibit at Art Basel Miami. Serving as Executive Pastry Chef with 2 Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, I served many stars, corporate clients, foreign dignitaries, and Super Bowl teams. I completed certificates for Visual Art and Professional Graphic Design at U.C. Berkeley Extension in San Francisco.