Jonathan Chester

Extreme Images Inc.

About the Photographer

Jonathan Chester is an Australian born adventure photojournalist. During some forty years of traveling to the world's most remote and wild destinations, he has gained and international reputation as a photographer, author, and guide. Jonathan's specialty has made more than 50 expeditions to the polar regions with resulting in numerous books. He also worked as a consultant for "Antarctica", the first IMAX film to be made in the far south and as producer and writer for a documentary "The Last Husky" for National Geo. Jonathan also worked as a web producer for Quokka Sports covering expeditions to Pakistan, Antarctica, Africa, and Nepal. Jonathan is a current a board member and past president of the Kansas City ASMP. Through his company, Extreme Images Inc, Jonathan continues to photograph, and lecture on a wide range topics including: photography, polar history, geography, global warming, penguins and polar bears on adventure cruises from his base in Kansas City.