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I am a Denver based photographer, and I shoot commercial, editorial, and stock images of tenacious, adrenaline-fueled, butt-cheek-clenching, outdoor badassery for the outdoor adventure industry, and I love elevating the visibility of powerful, positive, women and people of all ethnicities, because it is hard to be what you don't see. In my personal life, I am married to a dude, have two blue heelers and two black cats, live in the 'burbs, but sleep in the woods a lot. I'm always up for active outdoor adventures, especially if I can bring the pups and drink craft beer afterwards. I have been shooting professionally since 2010, when I started shooting weddings. I graduated from The Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University in 2014, & have worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from Race Across America, to the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children. I am currently on the board of ASMP Colorado, and I am a contributing photographer at Aurora Photos.