Don Senia Murray

Don Murray Photography, Inc

About the Photographer

I’m a photographer and photojournalist. Visual storytelling is my thing and, really, always has been. I’ve been telling stories and making award-winning photos for a while now, with nine CARE Awards and Black & White Magazine’s 2011 Award for Photojournalism. Some have been done in and around my hometown of Boulder, Colorado, but I eagerly travel for the rest. College included studying photography, but my “practical side” took hold, so I got a B.S. Marketing and MBA, which have been useful and made my parents happy. My clients come in all shapes and sizes, from individuals and small businesses to corporate giants including Walmart, United Airlines, Ford Motors and KeyBank, and publications such as Rolling Stone, Spin, Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, People, Arthritis Today and First for Women. So, if you’re interested in having some fun and telling your story, let’s talk!