Craig McNitt

McNitt Photography

About the Photographer

It is my philosophy that photography should drive a person to act. A picture of a paint system should speak to the viewer like a photo of a child or a flower invokes feelings in a museum patron. A picture of a welder or nurse can make that profession & the products they use real to others. The right use of color, lighting, & setting can make “Art With a Purpose”. I started McNitt Photography in 2004, after 10+ years working in various areas of professional photography. I foster strong client relationships & have worked with many clients-from large int’l companies such as 3M to several foundations such as Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and Creating IT Futures Foundation. I have captured subjects as large as city buses to as small as widgets measured in centimeters. To keep up with the latest trends and technology, I teach photography classes at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.  I occasionally bring students along on photo shoots to give them some real-world experience