Cira Crowell

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  • Specialties: Landscape, Travel, Adventure, Healthcare / Medical, Conceptual, Portraiture
  • Areas: Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County, CA; Santa Fe, NM

About the Photographer

Christopher Michel

Cira Crowell's work spans conceptual, adventure, landscape, cultural, documentary and humanitarian themes. Her passion for black and white photography began thirty years ago when gifted her late grandfather's film camera and she still uses many of the same vintage Leica lenses in her current digital work. Cira travels the world capturing evocative incidents of life and light, including numerous journeys in Nepal, Bhutan, India, Japan, Iceland and Germany. She has trekked over 800 miles on foot in the Himalayas. Cira's work has been shown in Los Angeles, New York and Europe and her books, Luminous Everest, Beautiful Resilience, Envisioning Ecstasy, and 108 Visions have been used to raise awareness, supporting a number of humanitarian projects. She has gear-tested, written and spoken on behalf of Leica Camera and shares weekly tips on Instagram/LeicaCrush. Cira lives and creates in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Los Angeles/Venice, California and beyond... (M.A. SCAD)