Carolyn Bates

Carolyn L Bates Photography

About the Photographer

photo by Jerry Johnson

Over forty-five years ago, Carolyn moved to Vermont in the throes of the hippies looking for an alternative way to live. While she began her work as a freelance photographer, Carolyn spent her nights in an unheated attic under an electric blanket while her dog wore her down vest at night. Though now her hair is shorter and she has an inside bathroom fully equipped with running water, Carolyn still has the same passion for what she does that she had when she first started taking photos. Recently, she has been following the growing trends of becoming green in architecture and interior design. She loves the idea of an eco-friendly no-carbon footprint home where recycled items are re-purposed. With each day that she is able to do what she loves, she thanks all of those who have made her journey possible.