Brent Bingham

Brent Bingham Photography

About the Photographer

If you’ve ever been on a photoshoot with Brent Bingham, you already know that his results come with experience, ambition and a lot of patience. His attention to detail is a result of 25 years of business in the printing and prepress industry. Although he left his hectic lifestyle behind 17 years ago when he sold his Washington D.C. based company, his desire to provide quality work brought a unique service to the Rocky Mountain region. Brent found a niche in architectural, landscape and studio photography but recently has moved in a direction of shooting more people and assignment photography. His experience in the medical field includes assignment work with clients such as the Vail Valley Medical Center and Vail Summit Orthopedics. Brent's other commercial work includes regularly shooting for local magazines, businesses and restaurants. He especially enjoys shooting fashion and is continually expanding his knowledge and trying new lighting techniques to vary his style.