Alison Barnes Martin

Alison Barnes Martin Photography, Llc

About the Photographer

Let’s face it, with the advent of technology, it’s easy to take a good photograph. But is it good enough? Finding the right photographer is tricky; there are so many of us. So why me? Coming from a commercial background, I think I work a little differently than most. Research is critical. I like to meet with you first, get an idea of your needs, make a plan, set a date and then go! Whether we are shooting a portrait, a lifestyle shoot or a small product, I’m all in on your project. I care. My clients include Jeep, Iams, Better Homes & Gardens and Hallmark. I’ve worked with John Deere, photographed the president of the United States and had the CHP close down a major California Highway to get the shot for Chrysler. Your time is important. Your image is, too. Let me help you create something stunning.