The Pittsburgh Board of Directors 2024

Our Mission:    To grow a vibrant, inclusive community of media professionals in the Pittsburgh region, and to elevate the quality and value of our field for all creatives.

The American Society of Media Photographers is a professional association of imaging professionals, including photojournalists, architectural, underwater, food/culinary and advertising photographers as well as video/film makers and other specialists. Its members are primarily those who create images for publications, though many cross over into wedding and portrait photography.

ASMP advocates for photographers’ legal rights, supports information-sharing among members, and provides business and technical information. Much of the material is freely available to the public. For instance, it offers a web tutorial on registering copyrights, and on model releases and property releases. It also helps users of images find qualified photographers for project assignments (“Find a Photographer”) and helps photographers find qualified assistants (“Find an Assistant.”)

The ASMP has nearly than 7,000 members in over 30 countries.