Volunteering for Carnegie Science Center’s Music & Art SciTech Day

Our local chapter was thrilled to be a part of the Carnegie Science Center’s SciTech Days 2022,  Music & Art Day.   These events are meaningful to the students, to introduce them to all the amazing STEM careers and organizations right here in Western PA.

Businesses & organizations are encouraged to have “hands on” activities for the kids to experience careers in the arts and science.  JW Ramp set up a video interview station, where one kid could be “interviewed”, with another kid running the camera.   Jen Worley & Adrie Rose had a studio setup tethered to Lightroom, having one kid as the “model” and the other as the “fashion photographer.”   Don Orkoskey and J.W. also participated in the Career Connection round tables, where kids could ask questions to professionals working in the respective careers.    Thanks also to Elan Mizrahi and Dave Prelosky for supporting the event.