Feb 3rd 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

The ASMP Pittsburgh Board of Directors met on Feb. 3rd 2022 via Zoom to discuss important business in our efforts to make your ASMP Pittsburgh chapter even better. You can read a copy of the Feb 3rd 2022 Board Meeting Minutes here. The meeting was hosted in place of the regular First Thursday ASMP Zoom Meetup.

The Board discussed a wide range of topics which you’re encouraged to read about in the meeting minutes. Of note was discussion of a Portfolio Review for 2022 in coordination with the Philadelphia Chapter, a wide variety of new and deepening relationships and volunteer opportunities, and the creation of a Fine Arts Committee. All members are welcome and encouraged to join the Board at these volunteer events as well as joining committees created by the Board.

The 2022 Board of Directors is very proud to be working for you to help improve the photography business landscape in Pittsburgh and beyond. The next meeting of the Board of Directors will take place on Feb. 24th with a location to be decided. All ASMP board meetings are open to the public and our members are encouraged to attend. If you would like to attend the next board meeting please watch this space, read your ASMP newsletter/emails, and join the ASMP First and Third Thursday meetings.

Meeting Minutes and Attachments

Here are the meeting minutes and attachments including the committee plan put forth by Shelley Lipton, the Chair of the Fine Arts Committee. Any questions or comments about these minutes or the work of the board can be directed to the Pittsburgh@ASMP.org email address or sent to any individual Board member.

Feb 3rd Board Meeting Minutes

Fine Arts Committee Plan (attachment)