Jan 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

ASMP Pittsburgh 2022 Board of Directors

On Jan 14th the 2022 Board of Directors of the Pittsburgh Chapter of ASMP met. The Board discussed the coming year, programing for 2022, and other opportunities for improving the state of professional photography in Pittsburgh. Linked here is a PDF of the Jan 2022 Board meeting minutes.

Board members in attendance took a group photo (shown above). Information on the inspiration for the photo and more can be found on the ASMP_Pgh Instagram post of the photo. The idea for the photo shoot came from our new Board President Jen Worley.

The 2022 Board of Directors are excited about improving the visibility of ASMP Pittsburgh and improving the state of photography in Pittsburgh. If you have any questions about the Jan 2022 Board meeting minutes please direct them to Pittsburgh@ASMP.

The Board meeting minutes will be posted after each board meeting for transparency. The Board hopes this helps our members see the work we’re doing on your behalf. Members are also encouraged to get involved and participate as they’re able. The 2022 Board wants to see ASMP Pittsburgh grow and to see your photography business thrive. Join us at one of our events or Zooms to find out more.

Jan 2022 Board Meeting Minutes