Carolyn Potts

Carolyn Potts, Photography Marketing Consultant/Agent

Since 2004, Carolyn Potts has been providing her consulting clients with both strategic marketing plans and compassionate butt-kicking. This combo consulting approach helps her clients successfully land the assignments they want and the projects they crave.

She also has over 30 years experience as a successful photography rep. Editing portfolios has always been her passion. She’s created over 10,000 portfolio edits and presentations–edits that have led to her photographers being hired by top ad agencies, design firms, corporations, and magazines around the world. She’s also helped photographers pick the right images to get them into the major photo award shows.

Additionally, she’s served as a freelance photo consultant/art buyer/stock photo researcher. In those roles, she’s educated organizations on how to find and buy the best professional photography and what to expect when working with pro photographers ( is one of the first places she points them to).

Her musings on all aspects of the photo business can be found regularly on the ASMP Business Blog and on her own blog. She’s a frequent portfolio reviewer at PhotoPlus Expo, The Palm Springs Photo Festivals, The Chicago Creative Review, and several photography schools. She also leads photo business seminars and workshops across the US and abroad.

She loves contributing to ASMP Portfolio Review events because–even after all these years in the industry–she knows she’ll discover new imagery that will take her breath away. And that’s the work she loves sharing with her art-buying colleagues.