October 10: The Business of Commercial & Architectural Photography

Photography is an art form — but it’s also a business. Before you release the shutter and after, there are many moving parts to putting together a successful project. But as both client expectations and your skills grow in scope, are you checking off all of the right boxes, protecting yourself and your clients, and keeping up with your responsibilities?

This October, join ASMP AZ/PHX and photographer Steve Whittaker to answer those questions and dig in to the Business of Commercial and Architectural Photography!

While we all too often neglect them as visual artists, the business aspects of commercial and architectural photography encompass a broad scope and require constant attention. Estimating, licensing, scouting, creating a shot list… all are important skills, yet they’re also skills even established shooters often aren’t comfortable with. What are current best practices? What resources do you consult for guidance? What might I be overlooking as my practice expands?

Once the client signs that contract and pays your 50% retainer, even more business skills come into play as you coordinate the actual project. From security clearances to site preparation, transportation arrangements to permits and releases and authorizations, you need to be confident not only in planning for them, but in conveying their necessity (and value) to the client.

Through this presentation, Steve will share both the finished visuals of his projects and the behind-the-scenes work that made them go off without a hitch. Among the many other valuable topics he’ll be discussing, Steve is excited to share case studies on lighting and safety issues, as well as case studies on copyright infringement.

Whatever your level of production experience, this is a rare opportunity to jump in the deep end and increase (or update) your knowledge on topics like:

  • Estimating, contracts, and stock issues
  • Assignment project coordination
  • Permits, release forms, and film commissions
  • Risk Management and safety
  • Assignment prep and scouting
  • Assignment execution
  • Post-production
  • Copyright infringement

Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your business with best practices — register now to join us on October 10, 2019!

About the Speaker

Steve Whittaker is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to the Portland area in 2013. He produces local, regional, and national assignments covering everything from aerials, architecture, lifestyle, and interiors to dramatic, illuminated dusk images of exterior surfaces and interior spaces. Steve’s clients run the gamut from architects to interior designers, ad agencies to construction companies, and editorial to corporate direct clients.

Steve is a past President of both ASMP Oregon and ASMP Northern California, and served two terms as ASMP National Director. He encourages both emerging and established photographers to become active in supporting best practices in business and advocacy to further professional imagemaking.

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