Vimeo Sides With Creators, Will Not Allow AI Companies to Scrape Content

by | May 29, 2024 | PetaPixel

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Vimeo’s new CEO Philip Moyer last month reached out to the company’s community regarding AI, its use, and how the company should approach it. Today, Moyer published a new blog post with a straightforward message: it’s saying “no” to AI.

“Vimeo will not allow generative AI models to be trained using videos hosted on our platform without your explicit consent, even if you use our free offerings,” Moyer writes. “In addition, we prohibit unauthorized content scraping (by model companies) and continue to implement security protocols designed to protect user-generated content.”

Moyer says that the company came to this decision after hearing concerns from creators and, as a host for creative content, it decided that it needed to pick up the mantle of protector of creative rights as well as the ethical and transparent use of technology.

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