TV Station Calls Out Fake AI Images of Hurricane Idalia

by | Sep 20, 2023 | PetaPixel

Featured image: AI Generated

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A television station has called out a series of AI-generated images that were purportedly of Hurricane Idalia — but were fake.

The series of AI images were posted to a Facebook and Instagram account with the caption: “Idalia is here.” While those familiar with AI image generators like Midjourney can tell the images are artificial, others cannot, as demonstrated by the hundreds of comments praising the “photographer.”

“When Hurricane Idalia struck last month, amazing photographs surfaced, and they went viral. After being posted on Facebook, the images got 23 million views and 181,000 shares, that’s a lot,” says Fox Weather meteorologist Amy Freeze.

“Hundreds of comments were listed out from people complimenting the photographer, they are incredible pictures. The only problem is, the images are not real — they are AI-generated.”

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