Photographer Wins $1.2 Million After Company Used His Pigeon Photo

by | Dec 22, 2022 | PetaPixel

Header photo licensed via Depositphotos

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A company has been told to pay a photographer $1.2 million after it used his photo of a pigeon for over a decade without compensating him for it.

On Wednesday, a federal jury in Los Angeles, California ruled that Bird B Gone owed photographer Dennis Fugnetti the eye-watering sum for using his pigeon photo for so long without payment.

In 2019, photographer Fugnetti filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Bird B Gone, a company that sells spikes meant to repel birds.

According to Law360, Fugnetti had claimed that Bird B Gone had continued to promote itself using a photograph of a pigeon in mid-flight that he had shot for the California-based company back in 1999.

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