Photographer Sparks Photoshop Debate After ‘Fixing’ Child’s Odd Sock

by | Jan 31, 2023 | PetaPixel

Featured images: Lyssi Johnson

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A photographer started a viral debate on social media when she asked followers if she should Photoshop a child’s odd socks so they would match.

Photographer Lyssi Johnson has become well-known on TikTok for her talent in Photoshop — with viewers marveling at her incredible editing skills.

However, Johnson did not expect such an impassioned and lively discussion when she asked TikTok viewers if they would want their photographer to “fix” the kid’s unmatched socks in a family portrait.

Johnson’s video has amassed over 3.6 million views on TikTok — with social media users divided on whether she should edit the child’s odd socks.

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