Pete Souza’s New Photo Book Goes Behind the Scenes of the White House

by | Oct 27, 2022 | ASMP Bookshelf, PetaPixel

Featured image: Pete Souza

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In his new book, The West Wing and Beyond, photographer Pete Souza claims to have spent more time in the Oval Office than any person in history.

Best known for his work as Barack Obama’s official photographer for both of his presidential terms, Souza’s new book focuses on the less obvious goings on in the White House.

“I wanted to give people a peek behind the curtain and show what happened and not focus on the President but focus on the other people inside the presidential bubble that makes the presidency work,” he tells MSNBC.

The book shares never-before-seen photographs of life inside the corridors of power. It shows babies running around the Oval Office, foreign interpreters catching up on sleep, and Bruce Springsteen rehearsing for a presidential performance.

“There’s a Where’s Waldo effect in some of the pictures where he’s [Obama] in the background out of focus, or he’s in the foreground out of focus. I was zeroing in on the many people that helped make the presidency work,” Souza tells The Takeaway.

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