National Geographic Reveals its 2022 Pictures of the Year

by | Dec 6, 2022 | PetaPixel

Featured image courtesy of National Geographic

Editor’s Note: The works of ASMP Members Dan Winters and Kiliii Yuyan are among the images selected for National Geographic’s 2022 Pictures of the Years.

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National Geographic has published its 2022 Pictures of the Year. The headline story of its December issue, these selections are the result of reviewing more than two million photos that were captured in the field this year.

The photos are a selection of images captured by National Geographic photographers from around the world. The publication says that they offer breathtaking glimpses of a shared human journey and serve to remind viewers of the unique elements of the planet.

“From the discovery of the shipwreck Endurance and the impact of climate change on endangered species to the first summit of Mount Everest by an all-Black team of explorers as well as emotional and striking shots of Ukrainian refugees standing in solidarity, National Geographic captures it all in Pictures of the Year 2022,” the publication writes.

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