Is It More Important to Be a Good Photographer or Businessperson?

by | Jan 5, 2023 | PetaPixel

Featured image: 123RF

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One vital data point that you may not have considered when you started off on your photography journey is that success might not come down to how good of a photographer you are. The most successful photographers aren’t always the best photographers and the best photographers don’t necessarily get the work. This begs the question: is it more important to be a good photographer or a businessperson?

My answer is both. If you care about your craft you might be inclined to say that strong photography is the most important thing. However, if you don’t learn the business side of photography then no one will ever see your work.

Let’s talk about the business of photography and the advantages of having a diverse skill set. Successful photographers need to be great at more than just taking pictures, they need to be able to run a profitable business and market their world to potential clients.

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