How to Get Your Photography in an Art Gallery

by | Sep 1, 2022 | PetaPixel

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At some point in their career, an artist will be approached by a gallery or will approach galleries looking for representation or to have an exhibition. You’ve had some success at local art shows and fairs and have made some inroads selling your photography online, but now you want to get your work out there and start looking for galleries to show your work or represent you.

It’s a big step for an artist to have their first solo exhibition at a public or private gallery so you’ll have to make sure your work is ready and you’ll have to do some homework before making your submission.

Having an exhibition of your photography at a gallery can be an excellent stimulate your career. The galleries have regular patrons and they will promote your exhibition on their mailing list. Of course, it’s great to have exhibitions at notable galleries on your CV.

Having a gallery represent your work can also be a large boon to an artist. Many artists want to remain independent and handle their sales and marketing. They also don’t want to share the sales revenue with a gallery. But that attitude can hurt an artist’s development and a gallery can pinpoint those buyers that are apt to flip artworks.

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