Camtraptions Launches Solar Panel for Camera Trap Speedlights

by | Mar 30, 2022 | PetaPixel, Technology

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Camtraptions has announced a solar panel that works in tandem with its speedlight for use in long-term, off-the-grid camera traps. The compact solar panel allows the flashes to be deployed for extended or even unlimited periods of time.

A “camera trap” refers to a camera that can be automatically triggered to take a photo by a change of some kind in its vicinity. Camera traps are used by wildlife photographers to take photos of skittish, hard-to-find animals in remote locations and can be equipped with a range of sensors, oftentimes a passive infrared motion sensor, that can allow a camera to operate without a photographer for long periods of time.

For use at night, many camera traps use compact speedlights to illuminate an environment and capture clear photos of wildlife.

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