Blind Photographer ‘Hopes for the Best’ in Capturing Stunning Macro Shots

by | Jun 24, 2022 | PetaPixel

Featured image: Rachael Andrews/Soft of Sight Photography

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Rachael Andrews is a visually impaired photographer who first used a camera purely as a practical tool to help her see everyday objects such as food labels.

While her camera was initially a helpful instrument for Andrews to navigate the sight loss she suffered during her 20s, she soon realized an artistic passion for photography.

Speaking to PetaPixel, British photographer Andrews, who has no useful sight in her left eye and no central vision in her right, explains how she goes about her photography work.

“My technique is to use manual focus, pre-focused to either the closest the lens will go or very near to it, fill the viewfinder with what I want to shoot and get the middle of it covered with the blank area in my central vision,” says Andrews.

“I can sometimes move my eye around to put the peripheral vision that I still have over the center of the image to check what’s there, but not always.”

“It depends on how big the subject is, how bright, if it’s moving or not, etc. Then using focus peaking I’ll move my eye to get a sense of the scene — it’s a smear at this point with no details — then I wait for the flash of the outline that confirms focus as I very slowly move the camera backwards or forwards, then I squeeze the shutter.”

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