Anton/Bauer’s New Mobile Battery is First to Replace Lithium with Sodium

by | Jun 1, 2023 | PetaPixel

Featured image: Anton/Bauer

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Anton/Bauer has announced the Salt-E Dog mobile battery, a 9kWh power supply that uses salt-based power cells instead of lithium — the first of its kind for motion picture and television production.

One of the production industry’s largest battery providers, Anton/Bauer says that its industry-first power source deliver consistent and reliable energy and addresses rising concerns over the carbon emissions associated with gas-powered generators or lithium-ion battery production. The company is positioning its Salt-E Dog system as a major milestone in sustainable power for the entertainment industry.

Sodium-ion batteries are being called by some as a major technological breakthrough that, if some hurdles are solved, can provide a solid alternative to lithium-ion. The technology isn’t new — the concept behind sodium-ion batteries have existed for decades — but use of sodium was basically abandoned years ago in favor of lithium. As CNBC explains though, the technology is getting a second look though as there are advantages to it over lithium.

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