ASMP Paperwork Share Editorial Example European Publisher – Dwight Cendrowski

European Publisher – Dwight Cendrowski

Editorial Example

Due to anti-trust laws, ASMP cannot set or suggest prices, but we can share information provided to us by our generous members. The ASMP Paperwork Share provides a look at the terms, licenses and pricing details of actual jobs.

Dwight Cendrowski —

People, product and places photographer and writer for corporate and editorial clients. In business for over 20 years, Dwight recently added digital video to the services he offers.

Editorial Assignment for a European company

Three client testimonial stories. Fees cover writing and photography. Production charges are rolled into the fee for this client. Dwight requires direct deposit with his overseas clients to avoid high bank fees for foreign paper checks.

Terms and Conditions. In addition to the formal boilerplate Terms & Conditions preprinted on the back of all invoice and estimate forms, Dwight includes the following statement on the front side of the forms, near the total price:

To provide clients with the best service at reasonable fees we license the use of images: The fee depends on:
1. Photos used for only that specified above.
2. Copyright notice adjacent to published editorial use
© 2006 Dwight Cendrowski
3. Supplying three free copies of each printed use.
4. Negotiation of additional use fees.

Description / Rights Granted / Usage
Images and text below licensed for use by and end client for first, one time print use in company magazine and in pdf format on website. All other rights are reserved, and must be negotiated with Photographer before use. Include photo credit and provide Photographer two copies of printed pieces. License is granted contingent on payment in full as per terms. Copyright remains exclusive property of Photographer. All fees are in United States dollars (USD). is liable for full payment for all work performed as agreed upon, whether or not they choose to use the story for intended edition. & responsible for all permissions from profiled companies.
Creative fees:
(3) stories and photography in the United States for #2, 2007 issue of as per specifications from . Articles submitted to and company contacts for review and approval.
1. , Santa Fe Springs, California. Main customer case story. Cover. $2300.00
2. , Naperville, Illinois. Players and Partners. $2300.00
3. , Statesville, North Carolina. employee profile. $1500.00
Total fees: $6100.00
Production charges:
Digital media capture fee and all post production digital photo services included in fee above.
Travel time, 3 assignments $1000.00
Round trip airfares, airline fees, hotel, meals $1658.90
Rental car, parking, light case fees, automobile mileage, phone, misc

NOTE: All association travel discounts requested and applied.

Total prod charges: $4065.01
Total fees and prod charges:
>>>>>>>>BALANCE DUE:Payment in U.S. funds via
direct deposit wire transfer
$02,000.00 [PAID]

ASMP is not responsible for any of the specific content of the material provided by individual photographers for the ASMP Paperwork Share.