About ASMP Oregon

About Us

The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) is the premier trade association for the world’s most respected photographers. ASMP is the leader in promoting photographers’ rights, providing education in better business practices, producing business articles for photographers, and helping to connect clients with professional photographers. ASMP, founded in 1944, has nearly 5,000 members and 38 chapters. Attend one of our upcoming events, meet other local photographers and consider joining ASMP to take advantage of all the benefits we have to offer.

Our Mission

At ASMP we believe:

  • Creators have the right to own their work, and we will fight for that right.
  • We are stronger together.
  • Images are a vital form of communication and visual literacy is invaluable to our entire culture.
  • Successful creatives are successful entrepreneurs.
  • The art and business of photography changes constantly, and we will evolve with it.

ASMP is guided by these values. Our core mission is to advocate, educate, and provide community for image makers — fostering thriving careers, a strong sense of professional ethics, and an unshakable belief in the power of images.

Creativity is your passion and your livelihood — and ASMP and its membership will stand beside you to help you live your best creative life.

To create sustainable information, advocacy and communication systems designed to empower and educate still and motion photographers, and associated imaging professionals.

Our Mission Statement:

ASMP recognizes that photographers, videographers, and content creators play an integral role in our culture and economy and should be valued and supported in their work. We exist to help them by providing the tools to excel as a visual creator and create a sustainable professional career.

ASMP Constitution