Video: ASMP Oregon Takes A Stand Against Sexual Harassment & Violence In the Creative Industry

ASMP Oregon Takes A Stand Against Sexual Harassment & Violence In the Creative Industry
Filmed at our event June 12th, 2018 Lewis & Clark Law School

Sexual harassment and the abuse of power is both a moral and civil rights violation in the work place, and it‘s often overlooked every day. Recent events and the #MeToo movement have opened up the conversation on social media and created awareness to a broader audience.  Consequently, this heightened awareness could potentially generate impactful social change in regards to this important, highly charged issue.

As a result of many conversations within our own community, ASMP Oregon  produced a panel discussion dealing with these issues. We are not just searching for answers.  The veil has been lifted and the creative and visual arts arena is only one of the many industries where sexual harassment and violence is becoming more apparent to the general public.  And as members of that community, we feel compelled to take action.


Kit Garrett Kit Garrett
Principal / Co-Owner
Option Model Management
Meg Garvin Meg Garvin
Executive Director and Clinical Professor of Law
Lewis and Clark School of Law
National Crime Victims Law Institute
Jonathan Gates Jonathan Gates
Communications and Events Coordinator
Oregon Coalition Against Sexual Violence
Gia Goodrich Gia Goodrich
Fashion Photographer & Studio Owner
Kasey Huber Kasey Huber
Portland Advertising Federation
Mitra Shahri Mitra Shahri
Founding Partner
Mitra Law Group
Kristin Schotterbeck Kristin Schotterbeck
Community Education and Communications Program Manager
Clackamas Women’s Services
Christine Taylor Christine Taylor
Creative Director | Member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts


Thomas Maddrey Thomas Maddrey
Attorney / Founder & ASMP General Council
Maddrey PLLC