The Annual Portfolio Review is October 9

ASMP Oregon is bringing together a PANEL OF CREATIVE EXPERTS for Portfolio Reviews on October 9th, 2018, to help you gain a competitive edge when presenting your work to agencies and potential clients.

  • Learn how to design a more powerful portfolio presentation.
  • Fine tune your work for buyers and creatives across multiple markets.
  • Gain an extra advantage in an ever-changing photography market.

TWO Part Review to show your work:
If you are an image maker we have two opportunities to share your portfolio work at this event!

1 – LIVE PANEL REVIEW for all participants: Submit 3 images to be displayed on a large screen for all panelists to review the work and provide feedback during a live panel discussion. Submission guidelines are below and images must be received by on or before October 6th, 2017.

2 – PRIVATE PORTFOLIO REVIEW: Bring your portfolio to the event. You will be able to register in advance to have your choice of panelists review your portfolio in a 15-minute private consultation. Register before October 7th and we’ll confirm your reviewer. Specific time slots will be posted when you arrive.

Submission Guidelines for Live Panel Review

SUBMIT 3 IMAGES (with credit line or anonymous) by using THIS FORM – NO LATER than October 6th. Images will be displayed on a large screen and panelists will review and provide feedback during a live discussion.

FORMAT MUST BE as follows:

  1. Jpeg files, 1600 pixels on the long side.
  2. File Name image files as follows: LastName_FirstName_FileNumber (example: Doe_John_01.jpg)
  3. INCLUDE LOGO on bottom right of image, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

Please submit only your copyright-owned images. Be sure the images you are submitting are of your highest quality. Tasteful nudity is OK; pornography is not. By submitting your images you authorize ASMP to display and review as the panel sees fit on October 9, 2018. ASMP cannot guarantee that all images submitted will be displayed for review. ASMP reserves the right to reject images for any reason. After the event, your images will be deleted.

At this time this year’s reviewers are :

Therese Gietler
Producer – Andy Batt Studio and Ask a Producer

Therese has been producing photo shoots for over 20 years. At Andy Batt Studio, she’s the in-house producer and agent, with extensive experience building and showing portfolios across the country at agencies both big and small. She has learned over the years what works and what doesn’t in this ever changing industry. With her other business, @askaproducer, Therese offers photographers consultations from the important perspective of co-owner in an advertising photography business.

Christine Taylor
Creative Director at Christine Taylor Creative

Christine Taylor spent 13 years as a commercial photographer, journalist, and photo director working globally in lifestyle, music and fashion editorial and advertising. She’s calls herself a hybrid creative; someone who moves fluidly between production, design, art and marketing. Presently she’s an independent Creative Director working retail brand side in digital marketing and brand development. Christine has a love for the business of creative, is an advocate for women in production and advertising, and is active in the arts. You can follow her passions @ChristineTaylorCreative for the style minded & @limeralness for all things wilderness.

Troy Waynren
Troy is best known for his award-winning community photojournalism since 1987. During that time Troy has covered and documented stories connected to the community he has served ranging from the personal triumph of a breast cancer survivor, relief efforts of a local carpenter working in Albania for refugees of the Kosovo War, to women of Peru who are being empowered and taught by a local business owner how to go about owning their own farms. Troy is also known for his passion for sports photography, which has led to coverage of national sports events, such as the Rose Bowl, NFC National Championships games and coverage of six Olympic games. Troy is also a contract photographer for USA Today Sports Images and  a teacher of digital arts for the Evergreen School District.

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