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Job Posting:
Small photography company is looking to add a part-time photographer
for the Spring 2018, and beyond.
The responsibilities of the photographer are traveling to the various
college campuses we work at and taking pictures of our customers.
We do portrait-style photography – a three-light set-up, with a
backdrop. Nothing too complicated.

What we’re looking for:
*Experience – unfortunately this is not a gig for someone who just
purchased their first camera. You don’t need years of experience, but
at least a little (1-2 years professionally)
* On-time, professional and responsible
* Well-groomed and polite. Patience on this job is a must.
*Happy, friendly attitude – We work with college students, and while
we love them, they can be a bit challenging at times. But no matter
what, at the end of the day, they are our customers, and our job is to
make them happy.
* Willingness to travel – as our jobs can sometimes be a 2-3 hour
drive away (small percentage of them)
* Flexible schedule – this is not for those that have 9-5 jobs during the week
*Fraternity & Sorority Background – Not a requirement, but being Greek
in College is a huge plus.
*No post-editing work. You take the pictures, we do all the editing.

This work is part-time, and we operate during the school year, but
this position can expect to have about 25-45 shoots this school year.
We shouldn’t interfere with other work that most photographers have
(weddings, events), since this work is mostly on weekdays. We’re happy
to work around existing bookings.
We provide all equipment – lights, stands, backdrop, computer, etc.
Please send along a resume, along with at least two references.
Questions are appreciated!

Contact Info:
Colin Sutker

Link: www.collegiatecomposites.com