[Video] 2023 Freelance Payment Protection

In 2023, Columbus City Council introduced a new ordinance designed to address late payments for independent contractors. This ASMP Ohio Valley Tech Talk discussed how the law came to be, what are its actual requirements, what to do if the client doesn’t follow them, and how your city or state can adopt these protections as well.

The panel includes people who played a key role in the law’s passage: Kirsten Estose (Legislative Analyst in Columbus City Council’s Legislative Research Office); Eric Thurm (National Writers Union, Freelance Solidarity Project); and Taylor Dorrell (Freelance writer, photographer, local organizer for Freelance Solidarity Project).

Don’t have time to watch the video? Read this detailed summary, which contains some additional points not fully covered in the talk plus suggested

Further Reading. https://benkophoto.substack.com/p/new-protections-for-freelance-workers