ASMP/ONC One Shot!

Back by popular demand… 

Please join the Ohio North Coast chapter on May 25th with your One Shot! 

As image creators, it’s our job to captivate an audience in a short amount of time and visually tell a story with a single photo. One Shot provides the opportunity to briefly verbalize that story in a fun, fast paced meeting among fellow photographers. 

Show us that one image you consider your all-time favorite or that image you’re extremely proud of. The image can be from a personal project or a work project. Participants will have a total of 3 minutes to introduce yourself and tell us about your image. The details you share about your image, are completely up to you.

This will be a three chapter (members only) event with Ohio North Coast, Ohio Valley and Pittsburgh chapters. Participants are encouraged to feel free and join with their favorite beverage!

May 25, 2021

6:30pm – 8:30pm

Zoom Meeting

To receive the Zoom link and password, please submit your image / RSVP No Later Than May 21, 2021 (12:00pm). 

We can only accept the first 24 submissions (first 8 from each chapter)… so get your image in sooner than later!

The program is specific to one shot / one image, and we are not including “diptych”, “triptych”, collages, series, etc. Double exposures and composites are acceptable, providing they are in one image.

To submit images:
● Please size image between 2400px – 3600px(max) on the long side.
● Save as a #10 Quality Jpeg.
● Name your file with your name and chapter (ex: John Doe_ONC).

RSVP or submit image to:
Don Bensman Jr.
President, ASMP/ONC

Please Note:
Due to the volume of participants, we will need to be extremely strict with the 3 minute rule. Moderators will warn, and/or mute any overzealous participants and proceed forward with the next person. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.