Copyright Office Considering Rate Increase

The copyright office is considering raising registration rates in the near future and is accepting comment from the public regarding it. Given the recent changes in policy which have already increased the financial burden on photographers to register their work we find this development high undesirable.

More from the Copyright Alliance below.

“The US Copyright Office is proposing the adoption of a new fee schedule and is inviting public comment on the new fees. The Federal Register notice is available at: The Register of Copyrights is required to submit the proposed fee schedule to Congress, which has 120 days to review it before it goes into effect.

The majority of fees for registration, recordation, and other Copyright Office services will be increased under the new fee schedule. The Copyright Office notes, however, that the proposed fees remain below its calculated cost of service (with a few exceptions). I anticipate most of you and your organizations/members will have concerns over the new fees.

The deadline for public comment is July 23. The Copyright Alliance will likely file comments. If there are issues you think we should address in our comments, please let me know.”

You can make comment and share you concerns here.