Media Buyer and Art Director Mail List

Media Buyer and Art Director Mail List



Dear Chapter Leaders,


As we have discussed, we have plans to heavily promote Find a Photographer this year using a Communication Arts ad campaign, direct mail, and paid social media. We have decided to take a grassroots approach to building our direct mail list so that we can spend out dollars on a high-impact direct mail campaign vs. buying an expensive list that has limitations on usage and questionable accuracy.


We need your help with the grassroots list development. After all, who better than you to know the media buyers in your local market!


By Jan 31st, we would like you to send us 10 – 20 (or more!) names and addresses of agencies with the contact names of media buyers and art directors in your local market. We assume you already know a lot of these people but if not, a quick web search or some phone call will get you the information you need. To make this easy, we’ve included a script you can use when contacting the agencies.




Hello, I’m calling from the American Association of Media Photographers and we are sending information to local media buyers and art directors about ASMP and the free tools they can use to find photographers anywhere in the country. Can you provide me with the names of your media buyers and art directors, or point to somewhere on your website I can find the info? 

Here’s what I’m looking for:

· Agency Name

· Agency Mailing address (including zip)

· Agency Phone

· Contact Name

· Title

· Email address


Thanks so much for your time!


This list will be a huge asset for ASMP and we promise to use the information wisely. We want these media buyers to know that using an ASMP photographer will yield them better results! Please send your list to so we can compile it into a database.


Thanks for helping us build a great campaign!


Thomas R. Kennedy

ASMP Executive Director