Exhibition: A Lens on FDR’s New Deal: Photographs by Arthur Rothstein, 1935-1945

The show is shaped around an unpublished book proposal that Rothstein assembled to highlight his FSA work. The show will also include material on other FSA photographers as well as WWII photography by Rothstein after the FSA became part of the Office of War Information. Original photographs, reproductions, and published materials will highlight the varied media where Rothstein’s work was showcased.

Annie Segan, Rothstein’s daughter and co-curator of exhibit, will discuss his work withHank O’Neal, photographer and author of A Vision Shared: A Classic Portrait of America and Its People 1935-1943.

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Submit Now to AQUA Art Miami!

ASMP-NY is excited to announce our return to one of the world’s top art weeks: Art Basel Miami Beach! We will once again exhibit at Aqua Art Miami. This is a very important show for career advancement, and one of the best places to sell art, get new clients, and connect with galleries.Your work will…

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Artist Talk: Stephen Mallon, Transit Museum

Please join ASMPNY for a museum exhibition and artist talk: Stephen Mallon in Conversation with Curator Amy Hausman Date – June 4, 2019 Time – 6:30 pm sharp; please arrive by 6:15 pm Place – New York Transit Museum Annex space at Grand Central Terminal* *Located in the shuttle passage on 42nd Street and Park…

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Photo caption: Zoshigaya Kishimojin-do is a Buddhist temple in Tokyo, Japan, that was founded in 1578. Kishimojin, to whom the temple is dedicated, is the goddess of safe birth and child rearing. The grounds are home to one of the largest ginkgo trees in Tokyo: the "Child-giving ginkgo." Estimated to be more than seven hundred years old, the tree is said to grant hope for fertility and easy childbearing to women who worship Kishimojin, as well as protection for their children. Kishimojin was not always known for her benevolence. Mother to thousands of children, Kishimojin would abduct the children of others and feed them to her own. The grieving mothers begged the Buddha for his help. In order to teach the goddess a lesson, the Buddha abducted her youngest child, hiding the boy under a rice bowl. After searching across the universe for her missing child, a distraught Kishimojin appealed to the Buddha for aid. When he pointed out how much suffering she had caused other mothers, many of whom had lost their only children whereas she had lost only one of thousands, Kishimojin vowed henceforth to devote herself to protecting children.

ASMP New York at Photoville, Sept. 13 – 23rd

Photo credit: Diane Cook & Len Jenshel Returning to its iconic location at the Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, located in DUMBO’s Brooklyn Bridge Park, beneath the majestic span of the Brooklyn Bridge, Photoville will once again create an immersive photography experience. ASMP New York is showcasing work by a diverse selection of its member photographers at…

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