Partnership with DiverCity Lens

ASMP NY Announces Partnership with DiverCity Lens and NYC Public Schools starting immediately.

As you may already know, ASMP NY has been diligently working on our chapter’s Equity and Inclusion initiatives.

For the past eight years, DiverCity Lens has been a NYC DOE program made up of dedicated visual arts teachers from secondary schools representing all boroughs. The DiverCity Lens program offers students a chance to consider and experiment with the formal elements of photography while exploring aspects of their identity and community. Through the medium of photography, participants can reflect on their own identity, diversity, and the diversity of the communities where they live.

Zion Ozeri, a deeply dedicated photographer, created DiverCity Lens to find that common ground where students from diverse backgrounds can come together to explore issues relevant to us all.

ASMP NY is partnering with DiverCity Lens and connecting young photography learners with working professionals, so they may ask questions and learn and grow. ASMP NY members will join classrooms as a part of the curriculum and educate and inspire the students.

Whenever we have polled our membership, there has always been quite a strong interest in working with young photographers, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Call For Member Participation

As a member of ASMP, you would be responsible to join (virtually) DOE high school student classrooms and virtually share your knowledge in many areas of photography (ie; educational talks of different kinds about creativity, equipment, ask a pro, “virtual” studio visits, etc.) This kind of interaction would be so beneficial and rewarding to both you and these high school students.

Here is the link to last years catalog produced by teachers and students of DiverCity Lens: 

Since the program is already in progress for this semester, we are requesting that if you are interested to please respond right away so that the details and arrangements can be worked out in a timely manner.

You can learn more about DiverCity Lens at: www.DiverCityLens.org