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Here is a list of Exclusive member’s only information, advocacy, publications, consultations, insurance, advice and more:

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Life, comprehensive medical, major medical, and disability insurance are all available. ASMP offers an accidental death and dismemberment plan. The Society pioneered the development of Prosurance, a liability and camera insurance policy designed for professional photographers. Coverage may also be obtained for workers compensation, weather, animal mortality, cast/models and umbrella liability. A program is also available to members only to insure funds for losses incurred through incorrect processing by labs.

To obtain details on the various insurance offered it is best to contact the insurance carriers directly.

For health insurance contact:
Atlantis Health Plan (917) 593-0711
Health and Benefits Solutions Programs (888) 450-3040
Working Today (Only for residents of New York state.) (866) 420-5807

For commercial insurance contact:
Taylor & Taylor (800) 922-1184
Tom C. Pickard & Co., Inc. (310) 379-7788

ASMP Bulletin 
The Society’s magazine published quarterly, presents news and features, free to all members and affiliates.

ASMP News lines 
Late-breaking news and the latest information on special pages in the Bulletin. They contain news, alerts, marketing information, legal and business information

The ASMP Business Practices Book 
A guide for professional media photographers – The publication is packed with the kind of information that the professional publication photographer needs to run a business. This guide for professionals is available only to ASMP members – as a service.

ASMP on the World Wide Web 
A database of members, searchable by region and specialty, membership information, news, publications, features, a members-only forum and link to other important sites are on the ASMP Web site. Buyers and clients can locate ASMP members through the Find a Photographer feature on this site.

White Papers 
Special publications dealing with specific concerns of photographers.

ASMP is committed to furthering education for photographers of all levels through its publications and programs.

Special Interest Groups 
In order to address needs and concerns unique to certain fields, ASMP has created special interest groups in areas such as architecture, underwater, and fine art.

Chapter Affiliation / NY Chapter
The ASMP chapter network now covers 40 cities, states or regions plus an array of foreign cities. These local chapters provide a wide range of seminars, workshops, and local news, as well as the opportunity to exchange views and information with your colleagues. Networking is a major benefit of ASMP membership. The NY chapter has nearly 800 members, many of who is the industry leader in their specialties.

ASMP Press Cards, car rental discounts, travel discounts, air courier services, x-ray protection labels, collection agency program, software discounts, discounted overnight delivery services and stationery supplies.

Good Offices 
Members receive consultation and advice on business problems and concerns from expert staff at ASMP’s National office.

ASMP offers accurate and up-to-date programs and information to members. Our membership forms an international network of the very best publication professionals committed to:

ASMP membership is recognized worldwide as a commitment to professionalism, quality, ethics, and as a sign of proven experience. This credibility makes a difference in the buyer’s mind.

We start in the business by learning from others, and we can grow in the business in the same way. Continuing dialogue between photographers is an indispensable element in an orderly industry. ASMP provides the setting through its local chapters for photographers to meet and share experiences, solutions, and ideas.

Corporate America has discovered the strategic alliance. A means of tapping into the expertise, resources, knowledge, and assistance of others. ASMP is the strategic ally of professional photographers, organized to improve their interests by joining resources in a unique organization working uniquely for you.

ASMP is committed to the education of its members. Whether through its network of chapters nationwide or through the national office, ASMP provides the educational opportunity to learn how to do what you have to do.

The technology revolution requires photographer evolution, which is not possible without timely, accurate information. ASMP is the industry clearinghouse for the information you’ll need to keep abreast in a consistently changing business.

ASMP helps its members when they are in need of sound advice, solid representation, and decisive action. In buyers conference rooms, in federal and state legislation, and in the courts, ASMP sets and reaches the agreements, drives the amendments, and sets the precedents that protect you. Some of our current action items include Trademark restrictions on photography, NBA’s unfair practices, and Copyright registration simplification, WIPO treaty recommendations and legislation. The Society has established a Legal Action Fund for special legal initiatives and for photographers who need assistance with significant cases.

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