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Recycle ALL of your Ink cartridges & batteries:

All NYC stores that sell rechargeable batteries or products that contain rechargeable batteries (with the exception of small food stores) must accept up to ten batteries of the same shape and size as they sell, no purchase necessary. they take everything!  cds, cords, pdas All ink cartridges, computers, batteries. etc. buy the technotrash can(box) and when it is full, send it in with the prepaid postage.  easy and only 30 bucks. Radioshack accepts most batteries and phones, no charge.  drop off in any store. Staples  – recycles what it sells many retailers participate in recycling rechargeable batteries.  you have to check the list. or call 1-800-8-battery

Stop Junk Mail:

Sign up for your State Clean Energy Program:

Buy Recycled paper products & use Green Printers: Staples sells 100% recycled office papers and more.

Use Rechargeable Batteries:

Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: article by popular mechanics from 2007

Try Green Shopping:

RECYCLE:  (you may be unaware that it has always been a law that businesses must recycle.
many buildings claim to recycle and throw everything away while others claim they don’t have to recycle.) all technotrash accepted, batteries, CDs, phones, cords, etc how to recycle in New York City money for ink carts Radioshack Staples money for ink carts

Recycle Furniture:

Recycle electronic devices:
Reduce Waste and Save Money at Home:

Donate, Organize, Advocate, Vote Green: daily email tips for green living League of Conservation Voters National Resources Defense Council Environmental Defense Union of Concerned Scientists Green Party New York Green Party New Jersey environmental advocates of New York

Buy a better Car & Go Carbon Neutral: Newsletter all things hybrid dump AAA and go Green carbon offsets carbon calculator Exercise your right to save money. Take transit tax-free, drive less and reduce your CO2.
Do business with other “Green” Businesses: cellphone business phone credit card Bank of America
Apple’s “green” credentials in question…

Recycle Apple electronics: