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Membership Categories

General Members
The photographer must be actively and professionally engaged in publication photography with three or more consecutive years of substantial publication experience from the date of first published work. This publication record must generate the major source (over 50%) of earned income. General members are the only voting Members of the Society and receive all publications and benefits of the Society at no additional charge. General Members are the only members listed in Find a Photographer on A review of publication experience
is required and applicants must be sponsored by two General members of ASMP.
Dues: $335.00
One time Find a Photographer fee: $50.00
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Associate Members
This category includes all photographers not qualified for General membership. The category does not require moving up to general in three years, and the dues will be constant. Associate members have most of the benefits of general members, but they will not be listed on Find a Photographer, and they do not have a vote.
Dues: $225.00
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A subcategory of the associate membership. This is a one-year-only category serving as a transition for photographers who are starting out or are assistants. After one year, the dues will automatically be billed at the full associate member level. Benefits are the same as a full associate.
Dues: $140.00
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Affiliate Members
Affiliates are non-voting members, and receive the same benefits as an Associate member.
Dues: $225.00 
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Students at the college or post-secondary level. Written proof of enrollment from a department head or admissions office or class schedule on official school letterhead must accompany an application. An individual can remain a student member for one year after completion of degree program. Student members receive a copy of the ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography Book at the time application is approved.
Dues: $45.00.
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