The Bridge: Apply to Be A Mentor For Our 2022 Program

We are currently looking for ASMP Members to be Mentors in our 2022 program,  Apply through April 15th.
The program consists of an eight-week course (meeting four hours, twice a week on Monday and Thursday afternoons), followed by a four-week mentorship with an ASMP member photographer an a final four weeks of independent project work.
You will work with 1-2 students during the month of September, this is a volunteer opportunity.

In 2021 ASMP NY & BKC launched a new FREE summer photo program for emerging photographers, The Bridge.  For too many young people in our industry the reality is; they have a passion for creating photography, brand new amazing ideas, a personal stories to tell, and little to no shot at actually making what they are passionate about into a career.

The Bridge Program is here to be the missing link between education and a creative career.

How do you get across the river if there’s no Bridge?

As we struggle with a global pandemic, shrinking job markets and stark polarization, future photographers entering the creative industry today are faced with even more complex challenges than before.  At the same time, the wealth and generational gaps grow wider as technology changes the world, and many are feeling left behind.

The way we see it, there are 3 common factors to following a creative career trajectory that benefit some and hinder others. Time, money, and access. That really got us thinking… how can we begin to address these inequities?

For 75 Years, the ASMP has served as an advocate for photographers and practical education for operating a professional photography business. We’ve teamed up with them to build The Bridge, the missing link between school and work, to help fill the gaps in knowledge, access and experience that prevent many of us from getting our work out there.

This program is designed to be accessible to Emerging Photographers from all backgrounds. And through the support of donors and sponsors, we are able to offer The Bridge without cost to all accepted candidates.



This Program Is Made Possible By:  

the support of our donors and sponsors. 


If you would like to support this effort to promote equity and opportunity among emerging creatives of all backgrounds regardless of race, class, gender or orientation, please consider donating. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us build The Bridge in the New York area, and ideally in cities across the United States in the years to come.
to learn more about becoming a supporting partner  
contact Liam Alexander@ASMP NY


The Bridge is a groundbreaking 16-week program for Emerging Photographers and creatives aged 18-26 in New York City.

It is presented by BKC in collaboration with ASMP New York.

The program consists of an 8 week course (meeting 4 hours, twice a week on Monday and Thursday afternoons), followed by a 4-week September 2021 mentorship with an ASMP member photographer then a final 4 weeks of independent project work. Mentorships and Project Work will feature a more customized schedule per student.