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Thanks for Tending to your ASMP Membership Renewal!

Valued New and Renewed Members,

January is known as the month for renewing your ASMP membership. On behalf of the ASMP Board of Directors and the entire ASMP staff, I want to thank those of you who have renewed or recently joined ASMP.

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ASMP Purpose and Benefits

We are here to help you succeed as an artist, as a professional, and as a business owner. All of the benefits and member services available to you are designed to that end. I hope you’ll utilize the depth of knowledge and resources found we provide. Some recent examples to take a look at include:

You should start receiving the Strictly Business eNewsletter right away so you can stay abreast of all that’s going on in the ASMP community.

Please stay in touch!

I’m passionate about the direction and rising strength of our association, and those changes are thanks to individual members. Please get in touch with me, national board members, or the leaders of your local chapter at any time regarding questions or feedback about our benefitsresources, events, or advocacy efforts. I welcome this communication from you as it is essential for ASMP to remain relevant, agile, and useful. We also have a way for you to submit ideas or queries to We look forward to hearing from you!

I encourage you to do all you can, with the resources at hand, in the place where you are to create in a fearless fashion. To those who have been given the gift of vision, please use it now to benefit the world. Thank you again for being a member of ASMP!


Tom Kennedy
Executive Director, ASMP

PS – If you still need to tend to your renewal, please login and do so under For Members –> Renew Membership

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