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Supporting the Freelance Isn’t Free Act Campaign

By September 1, 2016 News

The Freelance Isn’t Free Act is the first-of-its-kind legislation that would protect freelance workers in New York City against client nonpayment. With majority support in City Council, the legislation is poised to pass and freelancers across the City are pushing City Hall to bring it to a vote:


Presently 7 out of 10 freelancers struggle to get paid for work completed and lose an average of $6,000 annually in unpaid invoices. Nonpayment puts independent workers at risk for financial instability, credit card debt, and even eviction. In protecting freelancers from nonpayment, the City of New York has an opportunity to help thousands of small businesses succeed.

The Freelance Isn’t Free Act would mandate contracts in New York City for project-based work above $200 as well as 30-day payment terms. If a client fails to pay, freelancers have may report the client to the Department of Consumer Affairs as well as take them to small claims court. The legislation empowers judges, should the freelancer win the case, to impose double damages as well as hold the client responsible for attorney fees.

The Freelance Isn’t Free Act would set the stage for better protections for the United States’ 53 million freelance workers. Help make the future of freelancing better – sign the petition to pass The Freelance Isn’t Free Act.


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